We can float your boat: Newcastle cruise ship terminal concept

March 15, 2017
March 15, 2017 pmsadmin

It’s not every day that briefs land at SDA with the size and scale of the recent Newcastle Cruise Ship Terminal project. But when they do, it provides the team with the opportunity to think big and get creative to come up with concepts that live up to SDA’s hallmark of making the ordinary extraordinary.

This project was a public tender for the design of a cruise ship terminal in the port of Newcastle, and as with all SDA’s projects, functionality was at the core of this concept. With the terminal being a gateway to the city for tourists, the key challenge of the brief was to satisfy logistical requirements of passengers, baggage and goods loading within a limited budget.

With this in mind, our concept was led by the core characteristics of industrial buildings, being efficiency and economy. The result of this approach was a concept that delivered a building that was low, tangible, elegant and creative.

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