Callaghan Pathways

Callaghan NSW



University of Newcastle


Callaghan, Newcastle NSW


Education, Commercial, Workplace, Interiors


Josh Hogan


Newcastle Architecture Awards – 2020 – Awards Entry – Interior Architecture

The Team:

Architect: Leigh Richardson, Daniel Frith
Builder: North Construction & Building

The Vision

SDA were engaged as Principal Design Consultant for the revitalisation of the Callaghan Pathways Precinct Project at the University of Newcastle. Part of the STEMM precinct vision of increasing strategic collaboration between various disciplines was the upgrade of the pathways precinct.

The Gallery


The Callaghan Pathways Precinct was split into two components including the relocation of the existing Speech Pathology Clinic from the GP building into the SR building and the relocation of the English Language and Foundation Studies Centre (ELFSC) into the GP Building.

The speech pathology clinic includes specialised spaces to undertake teaching and learning in simulation style clinics, observation and monitoring rooms. Additional areas are also designed to facilitate staff and student spaces supporting these functions.

The redesign of ELFSC includes a central enabling precinct hub located on the ground floor, providing students with formal and informal learning and social spaces. By opening up existing places that were otherwise compartmentalised offices and smaller meeting rooms we have been able to maximise flexible learning spaces in line with future learning needs of the students.

As Principal Design Consultant we were responsible for engaging, managing and coordinating all sub-consultants on the project. Scope of works included design, tender and documentation through to construction of the works.

Post-occupancy reviews were also undertaken to review and monitor user experience, measured against the original project brief. We worked closely with the Project Control Group made up of key users and stakeholders to ensure that the initial project objectives were being met throughout the design and construction processes.

New technologies were implemented and enhanced through lessons learnt on NewSpace. As traditional classrooms increasingly coexist as both a physical space and an online space, new ways of teaching were explored, tested and implemented. In order to enable anyplace, anytime learning these spaces have been developed with collaboration in mind. The flexibility of the learning and working spaces focuses on connectedness, collaboration and co-creation allowing students to adopt active and participatory roles in their education.



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