Residential architecture to love

It’s about more than award winning architecture, it’s about rethinking what makes a home a home and pioneering new forms of space in which to live.


We understand it’s the people that make a house a home. That’s why we are a residential architecture practice based on the principles of thoughtful design that couples with the way you live.

We are passionate about creating beautiful, functional spaces for the people who inhabit them. Our aim is to help you create the best results possible with spaces designed specifically for the needs of you and your family. Whether you plan to commence a new build, maximise the efficiency of your apartment or renovate your existing home, you can trust SDA to execute your vision to perfection.

We exist to create beautiful spaces that will protect, envelop and inspire the humans who call it home. Our team of residential architects do this by following three simple principles: 

  • LISTEN – We work to extract your vision so we can help you create a space you love.
  • COLLABORATE – We’ve got the expertise to handle everything, but it’s still your home. It’s a partnership through and through.
  • CREATE – Your home should be a functional, beautiful and authentic extension of you. We make this happen and manage the entire process.


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Engage & Communicate

Effective communication ensures that clients and stakeholders remain engaged in the design process. Remaining engaged encourages collaboration amongst the project team, adding rigour and momentum, resulting in the successful delivery of a project.

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Analyse & Understand


SDA analyses all aspects of a project, as we believe it is critical to the efficient delivery of a project. Through analysis, understanding and testing, we respond to the project brief and site in a considered and creative manner.

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Design & Develop

SDA believes in a collaborative design approach which includes all team members. In addition to the visual and functional programme, our designs consider all the project opportunities, constraints and inputs from the client, the consultant team, stakeholders and authorities.

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SDA manage the client, all stakeholders, and consultant inputs to ensure a streamlined process that allows all parties to understand their roles and responsibilities.

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SDA will be responsible for conveying the scheme to the client, project team and the community. SDA, as part of the project team will provide coordinated documentation that is clear, concise and thorough to ensure the design intent is clear and unambiguous.

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Continual review throughout the design process identifies potential inefficiencies, non-compliances and areas for improvement, enabling resolution prior to commencing construction.


Drawing on our wealth of experience in residential architecture, we specialise in renovations, restorations, new builds and additions to houses. From the initial concept designs to the local legislation and planning permissions we manage the entire project. All our projects begin with the needs of our clients, and our best work comes from a deep understanding of those needs. But our efforts are never one-dimensional; we see the design and construction process as inherently collaborative—with clients, with consultants, and with contractors. We marshal the expertise of our collaborators to ensure each project’s success. 

For us, design doesn’t stop at the walls. Every choice made is an intentional design decision, purposefully executed to bring your vision to life. From materials, artwork to furniture it can be a daunting task when presented with a new or renovated home. For this reason, We offer a level of design service that is as detailed or as broad as you require. Our team works in collaboration with you to create a home you love through our complete residential service.

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