Leah Jay Workplace

Newcastle NSW



Leah Jay


Newcastle, NSW


Workplace, Interiors, Fitout


2020 AIA Newcastle Architecture Awards – Entry – Leah Jay – Interior Architecture


Liz Kalaf Photography

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Located within the Gateway commercial development in Newcastle West, the new Leah Jay workplace is an inspiring space that fosters flexibility and responsiveness amongst its busy team. Ultimately, this was to be a space that welcomed owners, tenants and new clients through the development of an inspiring, cutting edge design whilst eliciting a sense of pride in its users.

Since team member work preferences can range across a spectrum, from open floor plans to independent zones, the design strategy was to create flexible working spaces. We focused on creating spaces that would complement the teams differing working needs and styles. The key was finding different ways for the teams to integrate, enabling users to change pace and atmosphere depending on their needs and tasks.

We have created spaces that flex and are multi-functional to the client’s requirements, including elements like operable walls, customisable rooms and movable furniture. Various spaces were kept open, with ambiguous borders so that collaboration could happen organically. While various locked workstations and designated meeting rooms cater for more formal work zones and get-togethers.

Moving away from a traditional front of house reception to focusing on the client experience, the newly designed concierge service provides a contemporary, modern feel which creates an open and welcoming experience for visitors and enhances a transparent company culture.
The use of materiality and texture has been strongly appreciated with standard materials being applied in different ways. The goal of the design was to keep the aesthetic welcoming, approachable as well as professional. This was achieved with the use of natural textures and tones along with bold pops of colour being used in a sophisticated way with a high level of detail.

We have created a technology enabled, highly digital workplace, with spaces that enable flexibility and scalability into the future. Technology that is innovative, easy to use and enables effortless communication. For example, VR integration allowing clients to walk around properties, new and planned apartment buildings and developments.


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