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McCloy Group


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McCloy Group is a well-known property development company working within the residential, commercial and hospitality areas within the Newcastle and Hunter Regions. For their new office space in the Telstra Civic Building located within the buzzing CBD hub of Newcastle, we created an inspiring workplace design that would foster flexibility and responsiveness amongst their busy team.

The office design and fit-out is representative of the core values and business philosophies held by McCloy Group: Ultimately, this was to be a space for property developers; fitted with practical, efficient and logical features that simultaneously signify humility whilst eliciting a sense of pride in its users. We worked in close collaboration with the McCloy Group team to come up with a modern workplace that introduced new spaces to encourage interaction and the sharing of ideas.

The design focused on creating spaces that would compliment the teams differing working needs and styles. The key was finding different ways for the teams to integrate. Break out and ‘bump’ spaces were emphasised rather than just incorporated into the design. These integrated spaces offered a network of areas for both kicking back and tuning in, enabling users to change pace and atmosphere depending on their needs and tasks. These spaces were kept open, with ambiguous borders so that collaboration could happen organically.

The goal of the design was to keep the aesthetic welcoming, approachable as well as professional, with the use of ‘everyday’ materials such as leather, timber and fabric underpinning this idea. Natural textures, tones and colour have been used in a sophisticated way with a high level of detail. The palette is classic with a personalised overlay of artwork to communicate the brand and culture of the McCloy Group.

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