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As a reputable Newcastle brand, SDA focuses on creating beautiful spaces that
enhance the lives of the people who live and work in them.


Our quality standards apply also in terms of service, technical expertise and advice.
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Award winning Newcastle NSW architects

About the SDA way...

Our architecture skilfully blends statutory, contextual, emotive, environmental and commercial factors with creative and functional spaces that are beautiful yet commercially viable. Our design and workshop process effectively balances these influences whilst adding rigour to each project, enhancing design outcomes and engaging with clients and consultants. We have helped shape many successful business, government and development ventures over the years , evidenced through affirmative client testimonials and multiple industry awards achieved.

SDA was founded on the principles of providing high quality yet commercially driven development outcomes, design creativity and maximised investment return, whilst embedding creative visual, social and technological design principals into every project. Mitigating cost and time overruns as well as reduction in risks throughout any of our projects are always critical objectives, monitored and managed throughout the design process.

Whether it is a single residence, an apartment building, a commercial fitout, our project delivery process will keep us on track and result in a building that suits your needs, the needs of the community, and the needs of the end user.

Quality Approved


Creative Thinking


Client Focused


Innovative Design



The SDA Team is brought together by their consistent need to create great buildings that work for people, will be fit for purpose, meet budget expectations, stand the test of time and most importantly are great places to be.

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Engage & Communicate

Effective communication ensures that clients and stakeholders remain engaged in the design process. Remaining engaged encourages collaboration amongst the project team, adding rigour and momentum, resulting in the successful delivery of a project.

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Analyse & Understand


SDA analyses all aspects of a project, as we believe it is critical to the efficient delivery of a project. Through analysis, understanding and testing, we respond to the project brief and site in a considered and creative manner.

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Design & Develop

SDA believes in a collaborative design approach which includes all team members. In addition to the visual and functional programme, our designs consider all the project opportunities, constraints and inputs from the client, the consultant team, stakeholders and authorities.

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SDA manage the client, all stakeholders, and consultant inputs to ensure a streamlined process that allows all parties to understand their roles and responsibilities.

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SDA will be responsible for conveying the scheme to the client, project team and the community. SDA, as part of the project team will provide coordinated documentation that is clear, concise and thorough to ensure the design intent is clear and unambiguous.

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Continual review throughout the design process identifies potential inefficiencies, non-compliances and areas for improvement, enabling resolution prior to commencing construction.


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