SDA Workplace

The Junction NSW





The Junction, NSW


Workplace, Interiors, Fitout

The Team:

Architect: Leigh Richardson, James Clarence, Daniel Bush
Builder: Buildingwise


Murray McKean

The Vision

The newly reimagined workplace of SDA is a glimpse into a space that celebrates the nuances of the modern worker. The activity-based workplace is a pivotal departure from fixed desks, private offices and siloed workstyles. Instead, offering greater staff interaction whilst activating social spaces and meeting rooms, this is a space where function meets creativity to inspire the minds of its inhabitants

The Gallery


The main office space design incorporates a variety of work environments to promote and enhance collaboration and communication between the team. From the moment of arrival there is a distinct openness and lightless that creates an immediate sense of calm, a welcoming warmth and precision to the space. From open-planned working spaces to cushioned nooks and crannies, from sectioned-off glass meeting rooms to communal relaxation and recreation zones. There is a wide variety of spaces offered to work from – desks, tables, high benches, low benches, couches with no furniture fixed in place. The vision was to create a professional place for shared experience, collaboration, storytelling and for boundaryless design. Materials used were chosen to reflect those SDA would use in any project, in either a commercial or residential project, not favouring one over the other but rather be able to transpose between the two. The palette is natural, raw, expressive, familiar and bold. It is intended to attract and excite, then retain and comfort. There is an understated subtlety in its design that perfectly parallels the brand and culture of SDA.

An extension to the main office space, ‘The Space’ on the floor below creates a non-traditional first point of call when visiting. Natural tones of green, terracotta and timber make the space comfortable and relaxed while intrinsically professional. Both areas maximise natural light, while minimising fixed walls, partitions, and furnishings as much as possible keeps the space flexible. The Space is designed for meetings, presentations, design and collaboration space, showcasing entertaining and an architectural appreciation space. The Space incorporates a modular design, with a variety of curved and angular edges, to be both a large space suitable for functions and entertaining or offer smaller quartered off sections for multiple acts of creative pursuit.

A wall holding a refined collection of architecture and design books creates an opportunity for SDA to showcase their process and work as well as other architects, interior designers, urban planners, artists and landscape architects, a celebration of the creator. Clients of SDA and the general public, students and other practitioners are encouraged to peruse and purchase. It creates a space full of possibility and gives an opportunity to anyone to access and learn about architecture, not just those already engaged in it.

Working closely with a specialist fit-out contractor SDA’s new workspace is an energised, fun environment, with a distinct feel of a creator’s workshop and a strong focus on team and community. It’s a branded experience that respects the standard of professionalism and strength of the SDA brand while reflecting its down to earth culture and the unique personalities of its team.


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