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A modern family is an increasingly fluid phenomenon. Changes to demands, lifestyle, living arrangements and much more vary over time. The Hatherly’s wanted a space for their growing family that could adapt to the changing needs of their family. The homesite is also part of a heritage zone and flood zone, and designs respected the original form of the house while considering current and future requirements.

As a corner block, the site provided opportunities to connect the outside environment and create unique external spaces, while providing privacy. Honouring the heritage of the original home and acknowledging the next layer of the site’s story with a contemporary re-think, the design and craftsmanship in the build translated to an uplifting and positive contribution to the streetscape. In maintaining the beauty and form of the property, services have been concealed (where possible) within the design of the build.

For the client, home is a place of uniting and a space for solitude when required. Utilising natural light in the redesign was brought to life through the integration of raked ceilings and clerestory windows. This allowed the extension to provide interiors bathed in natural light while retaining privacy from the nearest neighbours. Careful design of the roofscape boosted the size of living spaces, while maintaining a humble scale externally. Reconfiguration and repositioning were the key to maximising the clients wishes to optimise yard space and create a more functional home interior. The relocation of the garage facilitated multiple outdoor areas for the family while within the home a clear delineation between core living areas and sleep zones was created through a reconfiguration of the floorspace.

The result is a home where function and form create a home environment desired by the client. The successful build of this property required a collaboration with the Heritage Consultant to endorse the proposals and a Build team who understood the architectural intent and were willing to ensure the details were considered and ultimately executed as per the intention of the design.

As a family who appreciate and value quality, the final result embraces the client’s brief. Decisions such as a concrete pool, articulated fencing, the use of stone and a sensible level of design integration with systems and fixtures, ensured the completed project was one the clients would adore for their growing family. The fundamentals of passive design are adopted throughout the design, but the true showcase is the use of cross ventilation, solar access and solar protection within the extension. To fulfill the client’s transition from acres in the country to a suburban corner block, it was essential the design balanced connection to outdoor space with privacy and light-filled interiors. The interiors have been strategically executed to facilitate a dynamic home where the growing family can shift from shared spaces or occupy unique zones. The result is a home that lets the family transition through seasons and domestic demands while retaining privacy and openness to the natural environment.

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